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About the Association - CLICK!
The Official Home page of the
Ecological Association »Richard Csornai«
About the Association - CLICK!
Address: Engelsova 9, 24000 SUBOTICA, Yugoslavia
Fax: +381 24 556-342,  Tel: +381 24 556-891

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  Who we are?

Our Ecological Association named after a prominent local birder Richard Csornai (1903-1984) has been active as a nongovernmental, nonprofit organisation since 1987 and its main goal is to study and protect the natural values in North Vojvodina.

Our aim is to contribute to the conservation of biological diversity and maintain the quality of human life.

Our members consist of both experts and amateur nature-lovers.

  Interested in joining or supporting?

For more information on our activities or how to find us – if you are outside Yugoslavia – it is best to write us a letter, send us a fax or E-mail us. You will find the Contact Information here.

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